Meet the Partners …

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in July 1973 and started operating during the academic year 1974-1975. It was named “Democritus” in honor of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who hailed from the town of Abdera in Thrace. The University is currently operating eight Faculties and nineteen Schools in four cities of Thrace – eight in Komotini, five in Xanthi, four in Alexandroupolis and two in Orestiada. Overall, more than 620 permanent academics are teaching and more than 15.000 students are studying at DUTH at undergraduate and post-graduate level. As a Higher Education Institution, DUTH is a Public Entity with complete autonomy that is supervised and funded by the State through the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. One of the Schools of the DUTH is the School of Physical Education and Sports Science (SPESS). SPESS has nowadays more than 52 permanent academics and more than 1.500 students.

The mission of the SPESS encompasses the following main objectives:

  • to cultivate and promote the Science of Physical Education and Sport through academic and applied teaching and research.
  • to provide its graduates with adequate knowledge that will ensure their integrated proficiency for their scientific and professional career.
  • to contribute to the development of sports in Greece and at the same time to cultivate and propagate the athletic ideal all over Greece.
  • to raise public awareness regarding the importance of physical education as a crucial factor contributing to the improvement of their standard.

All SPESS’ involved academics are experienced in implementing rehabilitation programs and evaluating their results in athletes with acute injuries and musculoskeletal diseases. DUTH with its academic staff coming from the SPESS will bring in these project skills in “Exercise and Health promotion” and competences in Biomechanics of sport injuries, Prevention exercise strategies, Therapeutic exercise and sport rehabilitation.

Dro.Me.A A Racing is the largest running group in Cyprus with approximately 700 registered members and hence the fit with the project is absolutely perfect as the main goals and objectives of the club are:

  • Development of long-distance running in the Cypriot society both as a recreational or at high-level sport.
  • To strengthen the development of a nationwide community of runners with strong bonds of friendship both among Cypriot runners and runners from clubs all over the world.
  • To spreading the activity of running as a way of life in the local community.
  • To use sports as a means to support charity and social welfare in Cyprus.
  • To assist in the fight against doping and banned methods and substances aimed at artificially improving athletic performance.
  • Support and spread ethics in sport as well as the ancient principles and Olympic ideals.
  • The active members of the club are ordinary people who love running as an everyday activity, as well as world-class runners from Morocco and Ethiopia. The club’s goal is to give its members opportunities to meet their individualized running objectives.

Officially, the club was registered by the Cyprus Ministry of Interior Affairs (“Registrar of Associations and Institutions) on 2/12/2008 and received official recognition from the Cyprus Sports Organization, on 30/6/2009. 

European University Cyprus is a modern university operating six Schools, namely, the School of Arts and Education Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Sciences, the Medical School, and the School of Law with the mission to educate students for successful careers and life achievement, to understand and serve the needs of society, and to create knowledge through research and innovation.

The University is a member of the Laureate International Universities, a US-based worldwide network of institutions of higher education founded in 1998. With a membership of over 80 accredited campus-based and online institutions in 28 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the network encompasses more than 150 individual campuses and over 1,000,000 students worldwide.

Εuropean University Cyprus holds a very special place in Cyprus and in the region of Southeastern Europe. It is an innovative institution defined by its dynamic integration of advanced educational programs, pioneering research, and extensive engagement with community, industry and society. EUC is one of the top universities internationally for attracting students from around the world.

European University Cyprus involved academics will support the project by providing its medical experts on issues related to prevention from the medical point of view of main health risks during or after athletic events (e.g dehydration) and to deal with these situations using First Aid on site.

HOCSH (Hellenic Organization of Company Sport and Health) is the authorized Hellenic member of the WFCS (World Federation for Company Sport) & the EFCS (European Federation for Company Sport) and operates under its auspices facilitating the participation of Hellenic Company teams in International Sport events. HOCSH will be the host of the 3rd World Company Sport Games that will be organized in Athens in June 2020, with the participation of more than 7000 recreational athletes coming from 45 countries giving our project a great opportunity to provide an extra EU added value.

University of Salerno and its School of Medicine (UNISA)

The integration of research, teaching and healthcare makes the Department a national teaching centre with the highest medical speciality, providing comprehensive professional training to meet the multiple health needs of the area. One of Italy’s foremost high-speciality health authorities, the AOU comprises four hospital complexes: the San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggid’Aragona and Giovanni da Procida Hospital in Salerno, the “Fucito” hospital in Mercato San Severino and the hospitals in Cava deiTirreni and Castiglione di Ravello. These four hospitals are strategically located in the Salerno area and are highly integrated in order to cover local health needs. The polarization of the different clinical skills (medical, surgical, diagnostic and service) in the four structures and their close operational integration constitute a unique resource among regional health authorities. The company act establishing the Integrated Healthcare Department (DAI) is an operational model capable of ensuring the integrated exercise of healthcare, teaching and research activities. The DAI is a significant strength for the Department’s development as it represents the operational structure in which the resources offered by the research and training projects of university teaching and research staff are fully implemented for the benefit of the public health service.